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In all of them, I saw a few working girls, but it is very discreet.

The majority of them are nice, normal and fun ladies who don’t see that many foreigners.

Read more Known to some as Vegetarian Lifestyle, to others as Zaozi Shu, and others still as Jujube Tree, this popular vegetarian Chinese restaurant specializes in tasty mock-meat dishes.

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The music is changing constantly, from house to Rn B to Top 40.

Read more Also known as Lucky Zen, Ji Xiang Cao has been around for a decade, just south of Xintiandi at Madang Lu and Hefei Lu.The majority of the crowd is made of students, but you will find also a few expats/tourists (especially in Amnesia) and some Indonesian young executives/business owners.All these places get really lively starting Wednesday night, with many girls dancing on the tables and everybody getting as drunk as they can (You may see a few drunkards puking in the toilet or being evacuated by the security…).Drinking alcohol in bars is restricted to a small part of the students, from rich families, sometimes Chinese.The most typical student bar is Camden, which is not bigger than your living room and offer great prices on drinks.

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