Who is thomas sangster dating

It can be great, obviously, and I think it's great because I am still doing it and I still love it, but it can be very odd. If I go to a city, my favourite thing to do is to go and get lost, and if I get lost in a character, that's perfect, and if I don't get lost in a character, that's when something is wrong. Do you feel you're where you should be in your life, or is it sometimes just a huge pressure?So, I think it's important to find something, anything really, just to get your mind thinking in a different way I think is healthy. BRODIE-SANGSTER: I can see why a lot of child actors start out as child actors and then get in their teens and suddenly realise that it's not for them because you change quite a lot and you understand the real way it works, the business side of it, the kind of darker, not so nice side of it.Q: And you also have a huge fan base from Game of Thrones. So you can just deal with it and I kind of just get on with my life. BRODIE-SANGSTER: I had some people come into my house and that was a step too far. BRODIE-SANGSTER: No, not broke in, just hanging outside.Q: What do you both like doing when you are not working? Q: So you obviously get along really well with her really well to be in a band with her? I am looking to move out now, but yeah, I get on really well with my mum; my whole family.He is kind of like an adult to the Gladers, and it's a quite grown up role so I enjoyed doing that. BRODIE-SANGSTER: I was born and bred in London and that's my home and I very much think of it as my home.

BRODIE-SANGSTER: I play bass in a band, I enjoy that. Home comforts, just love music and to relax with my friends and my family, my girlfriend, and I like to restore motorbikes. It's nice because when I play the bass, I escape into another world that uses my mind in a very different way that acting does and still when you get up on stage, it's still performing, but you get a different kick, especially when you are a bass player and kind of the guy in the back.

BRODIE-SANGSTER: Yes and I don't think I have ever played my own age before, actually I think in Wolf Hall, my character goes up to about 25 and he's got a wife and it's the first time I have got a wife. Q: And that is something that casting directors are looking for?

BRODIE-SANGSTER: Yeah and it's not something that has bothered me too much.

And it's how you deal with the fame side of things and I think it's important that I have great relationships with my family and people who have known me all my life, and actually know me for who I am, and not a media representation of myself or the characters that I play.

It's important to have those people around just because we are all quite grounded, normal people, but I can see how easily you can get carried away when you know that you are put on a pedestal and given loads of free stuff and told that you are this person.

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