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But I first became addicted to the sound when he played Ernest Hemingway in Alan Rudolph's The Moderns (1988), and have followed his career with interest ever since.This hardworking character actor often plays shifty or devious characters, and is probably best known for his role in The Mummy, but has also worked for Paul Thomas Anderson in There Will Be Blood and The Master.

Listening to him speaking the end credits of The Magnificent Ambersons out loud is sheer pleasure.In , she recalls the viral (before viral was a thing) moment: "As I watched myself and my friends laughing from an objective perspective, I realized right then and there that this was the end of an era for me. Make it in a backyard, in a house in a suburbia, and I'm good to go." There are a lots of movie and TV projects that are set in suburbia, but there are also plenty more that are not.And so I started my journey into no sex scenes in movies, modesty clauses in my contracts, and a total lack of nudity in any public forum from there on out." While her decision is certainly a respectable one that we applaud, it may limit acting opportunities–even for a star of Barrymore's magnitude. , Barrymore said that her approach to new material is now inspired strictly by—you guessed it—her suburbanite life. Though we've already established that Barrymore has both the means and the motivation to be as choosy as she likes, for an actress to have this attitude toward future prospects, is like a waitress saying, "I'll be glad to serve customers, but only if they're willing to eat dinner in my apartment." (2016), could be indicators that audiences are so sick of him, even the nostalgia to watch him comedically romance Barrymore again may be gone.If you've noticed that you don't hear as much from Barrymore, nor see much of her—specifically her body—on screen, that's not a coincidence.The actress had something of a "come to Jesus moment" after she flashed David Letterman on-air in 1995 and realized she needed to cool it.

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