Portage config files in etc need updating

While this may be a little bit untidy, it does prevent potentially valuable config files from being deleted, which is of paramount importance.Protected directories are set using the CONFIG_PROTECT variable, nor‐ mally defined in make.globals.How to do this correctly I'm unsure of and want confirmation of, please.********************************************************** At this point, I'm just manually "diff"ing each file, one by one.Then, Portage will mercilessly auto-update your config files.Alternatively, you can leave Config File Protection on but tell Portage that it can overwrite files in certain specific /etc subdirec‐ tories.

They provide interactive merging and can auto-merge trivial changes.

If a file of the same name already exists, Portage will change the name of the to-be-installed file from 'foo' to ´._cfg0000_foo´.

If ´._cfg0000_foo´ already exists, this name becomes ´._cfg0001_foo´, etc.

Directory exceptions to the CONFIG_PRO‐ TECTed directories can be specified using the CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK vari‐ able.

To find files that need to be updated in /etc, type find /etc -iname ´._cfg???? You can disable this feature by setting CONFIG_PROTECT="-*" in /etc/

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