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Time spent in that world can help them their actual world, while not giving up on having exciting, even emotional experiences.

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They are also perceived to involve a lesser degree of betrayal, as they involve more imaginary elements and the degree of neglecting the partner's interests may be lesser.Nevertheless, since online affairs are real they do often cause actual harm to one's primary, offline romantic relationship.Accordingly, many people will be just as disturbed about a partner's online sexual affairs as they would be if they discovered that their spouse was exchanging steamy love letters with someone else.Thus, people may agree not to develop a relationship, permitting themselves only virtual one-night stands, or an uncommitted affair, or a promise with a partner to tell each other about each online affair.As one woman in a committed relationship remarks about her online sexual affairs: "I've had this discussion with my boyfriend and we both agree that as long as it's not with the same person more than twice, it is really masturbation.

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    These ideas are at least partly rooted in ancestor worship and Confucianism.

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