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My husband is dark skinned and they leave him alone. I did take in pill form but probably was not strong enough. It's the only thing that I don't like in the tropic!

So far I have giving myself b12 shots (small amount) and I have not (a week for me is a record) been bothered once. I work in northern Nigeria close to the Chad border...being one of those unlucky persons attractive to mossies and suffer bad reactions to bites I've noticed a few things which support many of the previous views.

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I have been recommended to take vitamin B12 for at least 12 weeks before going to foreign climates, in order to survive the mutilation of the mozzies, not much need for it in Ireland, this has come from several sources and i was also told to cut out bananas for at least 2 weeks before going.In a mixed group the mozzies will always go for an O grouper before an A or B.However an A or B grouper on their own will suffer as much as anyone else.Lastly it can be down to the amount of garlic eaten, the blittle pest hate lots of garlic.Some people excrete vitamin B12 through their skin whilst others don't.

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