Farmers journal dating

I find that I don’t write as often during the off season.Where I live, daily entries would often look like this: In August, on the other hand, so much goes on in a day at my homestead that I sometimes can’t even remember what happened that morning by the time I wash up the supper dishes.There are a few ready-made options on the market, if that’s your style.

You won’t be submitting your journal for a prize at the county fair, so don’t worry if it’s a little sloppy or changes format midstream.Your journal should be highly personal, customized just for your specific needs.Therefore, you won’t want to copy my ideas exactly, but here are a few tips just to get you off the ground.Wildlife track sightings, passing or sales of beloved animals, and veterinary visits all get recorded.I make notes of costs as well, of everything from feed to infrastructure to renting a chipper.

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