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It does not have to be connected to a till by a wire, so allows staff to take card payments from customers sitting at tables.But in our experiments the machine beeped when the card was around 4in away and the printer started rolling out a receipt.They say you can tell a lot by a person’s voice – and this app proves exactly that. Howaboutwe What better way to get to know someone than over a few beers in a pub – or not.These days, we’re being told, first dates are less about beer and more about doing something edgy and unique.In every case, the card could be read when it was 2in away.

No problem, ‘app’ him up the next day to continue the conversation. Double The dating app as seen on Dragon’s Den, Double takes the awkwardness out of that first date by allowing you to bring a friend – even the profiles are plus one.

This means a criminal could steal money from you in a shop or cafe without even brushing against you.

We placed the contactless card inside a wallet, a purse and loose in a leather bag to test whether a machine could take a payment through the material.

Either way it’s a difficult thing to write without sounding like a generic stranger or coming across in completely the wrong way.

With My Single you no longer need to worry about throwing...

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