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Thus allowing the Rangers to contain the monster once his robot is destroyed. Jack is left in charge while Commander Cruger is away at an intergalactic conference.With Bugglesworth sealed away, his victims are restored to normal, and Sam is welcomed into the S. When Sky's old friend Dru Harrington is rescued from a burning S. D spaceship that crashed landed on Earth, he returns to the Academy.Sky is attacked by the intruder, and Giganus reveals his identity as Dru.

Mora begs Gruumm for one last chance to defeat the Rangers in a bid to keep her childhood, and recruits Valko to assist her in this task. E) Boom's lie about being the Orange Ranger and A-Squad Commander comes back to haunt him when his parents, who are unaware of his true occupation, come to visit.

Starting with "Messenger, Part 2" episodes began to debut on Toon Disney. When the two criminals Z and Jack are recruited as the Yellow and Red Rangers, the S. Still reeling from the shock of losing his chance at being the Red Ranger, Sky refuses to take part in group activities. While searching for an intergalactic bank robber, the B-Squad catch a Trilondon alien near the scene of the crime.

is an American television series, the eleventh series and thirteenth season of the Power Rangers franchise, began airing on February 5, 2005 on ABC Family. New episodes continued to debut on ABC Family until the episode "Messenger, Part 1". D uses footage and elements from the Super Sentai series Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. When the evil Emperor Gruumm attempts to open a portal and invade the Earth, the three cadets are promoted and given Delta Morphers to become the Blue (Sky), Green (Bridge), and Pink Rangers (Syd), respectively. Having been charged with defending the planet now that their elite A-Squad counterparts have disappeared while on a mission in the Helix Nebula, Jack's teammates call his leadership skills into question and he is stripped of his leader status and Ranger powers. C's help, Syd finds that the missing humans have been converted into a type of fuel, and the Rangers use the Canine Cannon to take down Rhinix after restoring the citizens to normal.

Rheas who helps him realize how important birthdays are to people; letting Jack figure out why Syd is so mad it him.

When he's confronted by Syd for nearly blowing their cover by talking to Dr.

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